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Become a Sunset Season Patron

With your support, the Arts Center at Dunham, under the direction of the Sunset Players, is well on its way to becoming a fully realized arts center. In addition to the theatre space, the Center offers low cost meeting space for commnuity organizations and studio rentals for artists of various disciplines. We also host a variety of low cost, many FREE, family friendly experiences in the arts.


There's still a lot to do - currently about a million dollars worth! Become a Sunset Players Patron and help further the restoration and renovation of the historic Arts Center at Dunham, and enhance and expand the programming that we are abe to offer. 


Names of Patrons will be listed in Sunset Players programs and on the website during the season donated, unless you request to remain anonymous.


To learn more, donate, rent or volunteer, ask a player or
contact us via email or or message line 513-588-4988!










$  50+

$  25+



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