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2018/19 SEASON

Southern Hospitality

by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

Produced by special arrangements from Dramatist Play Service.

directed by Don Frimming

September 28, 29 and October 5, 6, 7, 11, 12 and 13.

The Futrelle sisters are in a heap of trouble. Their beloved hometown of Fayro, Texas, is in danger of disappearing, and it's up to the sisters to save it from extinction by luring a salsa manufacturing factory to town. To seal the deal, Honey Raye, who leads the Chamber of Commerce, makes promises to woo the salsa company rep to choose Fayro. So now it's up to her sisters and the citizens of Fayro to pull together, turn her promises into reality and save their town using their Southern strength and ingenuity, which is a recipe for total hilarity.



Jeri Nakamura as Rhonda Lynn Futrelle

Denise Schnieders as Honey Raye Futrelle

Becky Cole as Twink Futrelle

Erin Marie Schwartz as Frankie Futrelle Dubberly

Tim Carney as John Curtis Buntner

Jim Swartwout as Dub Dubberly

Nick Dunker as Raynerd Chisum

Paul Brockman as Buck Strickland

Karson McCall as Gina Jo Waverly

Nick Young as Justin Waverly

Elaine Michael as Geneva Musgrave

Cathy Woodruff as Iney Dubberly

Wyn Jones as Ms. Dayva Davidson



The Trial of the Big Bad Wolfe

by Joseph Robinette

Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company.

directed by Bob Kelley

December 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9

Was the Wolf a villain or victim? Were the Three Pigs innocent or at fault? The nursery and fairytale character jurors and Judge Wise O. Al will decide in this fun-filled, action-packed trial-of-the-century. This delightful comedy and its intriguing story line and vivid characterizations will appeal to audiences and performers of all ages.


TV Reporter/Cinderella - Sofia Jimenez

Newspaper - Corbin Hazlett

Town Crier - Maddie Malay

Clerk - Makenzie Kelley

Amelia Pig - Kori Dearinger

Myrtle Mae Pig - Anne Beekley

Barbara Sue Pig - Lizzie Braunstein

Winifred the Wolf - Amelia Andriacco

Miss Muffet - Nora Andriacco

Little Red Riding Hood - Mia DiNovo

Old King Cole - Megan Weber

Jack - Karli Dearinger

Jill - Maddie Malay

Mistress Mary/Girl - Taylor Kelley

Little Bo Peep - Dashiell Suess

Jack Spratt - Corbin Hazlett

Mrs. Spratt - Megan Weber

Tom Tom the Pipers Son - Mia DiNovo

Humpty Dumpty - Kendall Goldrainer

Judge Wise O. Al - Elsie Whitmer


You've Caught Us in Our Shorts - for the Sixth Time!

March 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 16

  • The Philadelphia by David Ives; directed by Michele A. Mascari
    Celebrates and mocks how we cope with negativity and everyday hardship in the City of Brotherly Love. Two guys meet in a diner in New York, but they’re both in very different states of mind. Al is in a Los Angeles state of mind where nothing can faze him and, even if it did, he would just make it a Hollywood movie. Mark finds the whole world is against him. He can’t get a newspaper at the newsstand, aspirin at the drugstore and the diner gives him a cheesesteak when he wants a burger. He is trapped in a Philadelphia state of mind. It could be worse. You could be stuck in a Cleveland. It’s like death without the advantages.
    Cast: Jef Brown, Mark Motz and Kaitrin McCoy


  • The Next Level by A. K. Forbes; directed by Dan Hawkins
    Trapped in between this world and the next, ghosts Lillian and Jay try to communicate with their grieving son Alex. Their efforts have little effect until Jay interferes with a video game and Lillian delivers a heart-felt note, allowing the whole family—Alex, Lillian and Jay—to move on.
    Cast: Helen Swartwout, Jim Swartwout and Zac Newman


  • Breaking and Entering by A. K. Forbes; directed by John Wesseling
    A married couple’s attempt to spice up their love life with a role-playing game is inadvertently interrupted by an inexperienced burglar. The interruption creates a case of mistaken identity, leading the couple, Darryl and Penny, to reveal details about their troubled relationship and ultimately, toward healing.
    Cast: Jordon Schneider, Kaitrin McCoy and Nick Young


  • Bad Connection by A. K. Forbes; directed by Denise Schnieders
    Lydia and Tim, sales associates attending an out-of-town conference, wake up in the same bed with no memory of the evening before. As they gather their belongings and attempt to gather their pride, they discover that they may have crossed paths in the past.
    Cast: Dan Maloney & Meagan Blasch

  • The Other Room by Ariadne Blayde; directed by Bob Brumberg
    Austin is a brilliant teenager astronomer who happens to have autism. Lily is his popular classmate who happens to have an interest in astronomy. When a chance encounter after school leads to a growing connection between them, Austin’s imagination, intelligence and constant struggles to connect with the world are revealed in the form of four characters representing his inner life.
    Cast: Justin Bourne, Shannon Watts, Evan Rogers, Russ McGee, Thomas Riggs, Irving Straun Jr and Zac Newman


Ken Ludwig's Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood
Produced by special arrangements from Samuel French

directed by Dennis Murphy
May 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17 and 18.

All the action, all the romance…all the laughs? Ken Ludwig’s Sherwood is a rip-roaring joyride featuring Robin, Friar Tuck and Little John, as well as two sword-wielding maidens, Marian and Doerwynn. Add in not one but three villains: The Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John and Sir Guy along with some comedy and romance, and you have Ken Ludwig’s valentine to the swashbuckler story.



Robin of Locksley - Nicholas Dunker
Friar Tuck - Russ Smith

Maid Marian - Victoria Kirby-Schwarber
Little John -Thurman Allen

Doerwynn - Heather Pfeiffer

Sheriff of Nottingham - Kent Smith

Sir Guy of Gisbourne - Matt Hannifin

Prince John/King Richard - Mitchell Worden

Ensemble of merry men/women playing a variety of roles:
Jeff Carter, Katherine Anderson, Shelby Carter, Claudia Covarrubias and Nick Young

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