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Arts Center at Dunham - Viral Update

We're doing our best to prepare for the return of live events! Hoping that can happen by fall of 2021. Wanted to share that we received a substantial grant in late 2020 from Hamilton County as part of the Hamilton County CARES Arts and Cultural Organizations Relief Program.

The majority of the $25K grant was used to retrofit our HVAC systems with viral mitigation equipment. We were also able to invest in an electrostatic misting system to allow us to quickly and thoroughly disinfect our public spaces before and after all events.

The balance of the funds were used to match a grant to have high speed internet capability brought into the Dunham Complex and into our facility. This greatly improves events we are able to support, as well as internet based security improvements to the facility and surrounding grounds.

We REALLY do look forward to entertaining you as soon as safely possible! Until then, stay safe.

If you have the means and would like to help us continue our ongoing restoration while we're shuttered to public events, any and all donations graciously accepted!

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